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Airplane clips powerlines near Milford

Shortly before 8:00am on August 4, 2011, an employee with Dickinson County Secondary Roads was grading in the 2400-mile of 235th Street southeast of Milford when he reported that an airplane that had been spraying a nearby corn field had clipped a pair of power lines. The aircraft was able to fly away from the scene. The downed power lines caused 235th Street, just west of 250th Avenue, to be closed for a short period of time. Iowa Lakes Electric Co-op was contacted to repair the lines and the road was reopened a short while later.

No information on the aircraft involved is available, and any damage to the plane is unknown, as it continued on following the mishap.

Assisting the Sheriff's Office at the scene was:

  • Dickinson County Secondary Roads
  • Dickinson County Emergency Management
  • Iowa Lakes Electric Co-op

Should information on the aircraft become available, it will be posted here.

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