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Watch Your Speed and Slow Down, It Could Save Your Life!

Des Moines, IOWA -- The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau is reminding the motoring public that speed is your enemy not only during the cold weather months but throughout the year.  Far too often the driver who is hurrying to get to work, going to the grocery store or traveling to an out of town destination can’t react fast enough to a situation and a crash occurs.  It can be one of the most deadly mistakes a driver can make.

As part of the 2014 sTEP program, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau is teaming up with city, county and state law enforcement officers who will be out in force beginning March 14 – 17th looking to crackdown on those motorists who aren’t buckled up, speeding or operating while intoxicated.  Remember to Buckle Up and Arrive Alive! and Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk!

The traffic enforcement event held last year during the four days of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday had 205 agencies reporting 352 OWIs, 5,154 speed and 2,393 seat belt violations with almost 17,000 combined total traffic violations.

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau continues to stress to the motoring public the importance of buckling up, slowing down and to drive sober to increase the odds of preventing or, at least, surviving a crash.  Be safe and enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day.  The next sTEP enforcement event will be May 19th – June 1st.

For additional information, go to or or you may contact:

Randy Hunefeld, sTEP Coordinator

Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau

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(515) 725-6124 or (515) 447-8041

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