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Special traffic enforcement project July 1-4

Coinciding with the Independence Day holiday, Iowa law enforcement agencies will again be out in full force July 1-4, 2011.  Officers will work hard to crack down on alcohol or drug impaired drivers and other traffic violators to prevent crashes and save lives.


Baseball games, fireworks, and parades can all be part of Iowans' July 4th celebrations. Unfortunately some people celebrate by consuming excess amounts of alcohol, and then electing to drink and drive, which can easily lead to tragedy.  The Iowa Department of Transportation recorded five fatalities during the 2010 Fourth of July weekend, up from two in 2009.  Iowa has been fortunate the past four years with no alcohol related crashes that resulted in a death.

Iowa law enforcement continues to emphasize the importance of buckling up, driving the speed limit and obeying all traffic laws, not only during increased travel periods like holidays but, throughout the year.  Iowa's safety belt law has been in effect for 25 years.  There is no excuse for not buckling up.

During a similar enforcement effort conducted in July of 2010, 214 agencies had contact with 353 alcohol/drug impaired drivers, 1,008 safety belt violators and 4,592 speed violators.  In all, over 11,228 violations were recorded.  In addition, officers assisted 965 motorists, investigated 366 crashes and apprehended 107 wanted persons.

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