Sheriff's Sale Results

Sale DateProperty AddressPurchaserPurchase Price
8/11/2015303 E 4th St, Lake ParkJPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association$38,640.00
8/4/2015425 240th Ave, #207, Arnolds ParkBank Midwest$225,000.00
7/28/2015503 Lake St, Spirit LakeSpirit Lake Properties, LLC$65,000.00
6/2/20151441 140th St, Lake ParkWilliam & Shelly Boles$110,500.00
10/28/20141507 Jackson Ave, Spirit LakeSpirit Lake Properties, LLC$20,122.00
10/28/201425653 162nd St, Spirit LakeDeutsche Bank Trust Company$120,886.68
9/9/20142301 Marti Dr, MilfordFederal Home Mortgage Corp$325,000.00
8/26/201439 Airport Dr, MilfordCANCELLED0
7/29/2014204 Main St, TerrilThe State Bank$37,378.25
7/8/2014215 E 3rd St, Lake ParkCANCELLED0
6/24/20141106 Okoboji Ave, MilfordBank of America$72,450.00
6/10/20141949 Hwy 9, Spirit LakeCANCELLED0
5/20/2014213 S Okoboji Grove Rd,#B201, Arnolds ParkDeutsch National Trust$461,720.28
4/29/20141211 11th St, MilfordSpirit Lake Properties LLC$55,201.00
4/8/20141741 280th Ave, Spirit LakeUS Bank National Association$137,700.00
1/28/20141211 Jackson Ave, Spirit LakeWells Fargo Bank$72,450.00
1/7/201417050 Lakewood Dr, Spirit LakeBank of America, NA$398,001.26
1/7/2014409 S State St, TerrilUS Bank National Assoc.$51,000.00
11/19/20131509 G Ave, MilfordMichael Jensen$100,000.00
10/29/2013102 Main St, TerrilMetcalf, Conlon & Siering$35,000.00
10/29/20132307 Marti Dr, MilfordNorthwest Bank$261,147.74
10/29/2013406 Q Ave, MilfordBank of America$81,000.00
6/18/2013511 15th St, Spirit LakeUS Bank$131,675.55
4/2/201332 Clover Ln, MilfordJP Morgan$91,123.10
3/12/20131940 145th St, Spirit LakeSelect Portfolio Servicing, Inc.$53,762.40
3/12/2013201 1st St S, TerrilBank of America$29,750.00
2/12/2013410 20th St, Spirit LakeJP Morgan Chase Bank$57,142.80
2/12/20131007 Clayton St, Lake ParkBank of America NA$185,305.70
12/27/201215493 Washington Blvd, Spirit LakeLiberty Bank FSB$100,000.00
12/18/20121778 285th Ave, Spirit LakeFlagstar Bank$122,942.00
12/11/20121825 130th Ave, Lake ParkKevin & Kelly Delaney$85,310.02
11/28/2012509 22nd St, Spirit LakeMetLife Home Loans$91,768.36
11/28/2012601 16th St, Spirit LakeWells Fargo Bank$44,859.00
10/12/201225 Ave B W, Lake ParkFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.$35,000.00
9/26/201220798 170th St, #5D & #6DNorthwest Bank$850,000.00
8/13/2012307 Lake St, Spirit LakeCANCELLED0
8/8/20121210 13th St, MilfordWells Fargo Bank$115,750.00
7/27/2012133 252nd Ave, OrleansCitimortgage$138,491.96
7/27/201218 Chestnut Ave, Lake ParkBAC Home Loans$69,835.51
7/27/20121412 Hill Ave, Spirit LakeWells Fargo Bank$138,384.74
7/18/20122110 M Ave, MilfordJPMorgan Chase Bank$123,250.00
7/11/2012302 19th St, Spirit LakeNorthwest Bank$72,900.00
5/16/2012203 4th Ave, SuperiorUS Bank National$38,250.00
5/16/201224448 182nd St, Spirit LakeBank of America$461,668.78
5/9/20122702 Sunner Ave, Spirit LakeMartin Marten$1,900,050.00
5/2/2012401 18th St, Spirit LakeGMAC Mortgage$62,098.76
5/2/2012209 3rd Ave, SuperiorBank of America$88,296.51
4/17/2012608 10th St, MilfordBank of America$104,986.35
4/17/2012Abandoned Property - '86 BaylinerOak Hill Marina$700.00
4/17/2012Abandoned Property - Jet SkisOak Hill Marina$950.00
4/17/2012608 10th St, MilfordBank of America N.A.$104,986.35
4/11/20121412 Hill Ave, Spirit LakeCANCELLED0
4/10/2012250 Iowa St, #1-31, Arnolds ParkWest Gate Bank$2,348,000.00
4/5/2012207 S State St, TerrilNationstar Mortgage, LLC$54,056.62
2/15/201216978 Inner Ln S, #5, Spirit LakeFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
1/11/20121207 Okoboji Ave, MilfordWells Fargo Bank$66,725.00
1/4/20123103 Center Lake Dr, Spirit LakeCANCELLED$0.00
12/7/20111406 Gary Ave, Spirit LakeLarry Ten Kley$34,000.00
11/30/20111103A Sanborn Ave, #4, OkobojiGreat Western Bank$83,042.00
11/30/201115734 213th Ave, Spirit LakePrimebank$140,000.00
11/29/20112004 Chrysler PacificaBob's Auto Body$3,933.25
11/29/20111965 Chevrolet PickupGene Steinhaus$1,000.00
10/19/2011304 Lake Ave, Lake ParkCentral Bank$109,834.06
10/19/201115116 War Eagle Blvd, Spirit LakeWells Fargo Bank$67,500.00
9/28/20111605 Hill Ave, Spirit LakeLiberty Bank$120,000.00
9/28/20112507 Julie Ln, MilfordWells Fargo Bank$176,947.83
9/28/201125271 182nd St, Spirit LakeUS Bank$274,831.19
9/14/20111490 327th Ave, SuperiorWells Fargo Bank$81,750.00
9/14/201116524 255th Ave, Spirit LakeUS Bank National$246,500.00
8/24/2011204 Chestnut St, Lake ParkSALE CANCELLED$0.00
8/10/2011603 22nd St, Spirit LakeSALE CANCELLED$0.00
7/27/20111803 Chicago Ave, Spirit LakeFederal National Mortgage Assn.$88,113.30
7/13/2011108 1st Street N, TerrilRESI Whole Loan IV LLC$26,500.00
6/29/2011211 Market St N, Lake ParkUnited Community Bank$24,417.69
6/29/2011213 S Okoboji Grove Rd, Arnolds ParkSALE CANCELLED$0.00
6/22/2011411 19th St, Spirit Lake
Onewest Bank$118,715.10
6/8/201116524 255th Ave, Spirit Lake
5/6/2011608 K Ave, Milford
4/14/20112513 Adams Ave, Spirit Lake
US Bank$83,200.00
4/13/2011504 16th St, Spirit Lake
Nationwide Advantage Mortgage$100,684.94
4/13/20112308 Akron Ave, Spirit Lake
Federal Home Loan Mortgage$162,558.05
4/13/201115456 Lakeview Dr, Spirit Lake
Deutsche Bank$63,750.00
4/6/20112715 Center Lake Dr, Spirit LakeFlagstar Bank$160,429.53

Location & Contact Info

Dickinson County Sheriff's Office

Physical Address
1802 Hill Avenue, Suite 1200
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 214
Spirit Lake, IA 51360

(t) 712-336-2793
(f) 712-336-1946